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Language tuition is essential for those who are having difficulties with languages at school, where they are passive learners and they do not get to practise their speaking skills extensively.

average rating is null out of 5
I just wanted to say a massive thank you for teaching Deven this year. He has truly flourished in Spanish. His confidence has sky rocketed and he has really developed a love and enjoyment of the language. Thank you for your efforts with him. He got 78% in his Spanish end of year exam, while the average grade was 55%. We are so pleased with his progress!
average rating is null out of 5
Sasha did fantastic on her end of year exams in Spanish. She got 100% on her listening exam, 100% on her reading one (which she finished in 6 mins!) and 91% on her writing one. She's on the GCSE (year 10) next year!
average rating is null out of 5
I went to Schuller Languages to get additional help preparing for my IB Spanish B written and oral exams and they helped me more than I could’ve hoped. They consistently went out of their way to find additional resources to get me confident speaking and understanding Spanish, and I ended up scoring very highly on my exam. I cannot recommend them enough, Schuller languages really helped me gain the knowledge and confidence needed to do an exam in a foreign language!
average rating is null out of 5
My daughter has been going to Silvia’s Spanish classes for nearly two years and she’s really enjoying her lessons. Silvia is great with children and the lessons are fun and include exciting games. It’s great to see the progress my daughter has made so far.
average rating is null out of 5
my daughter has been learning Spanish with Silvia for over 5 yrs. She enjoys her weekly classes and has made amazing progress over the years. Slivia has taken the time to get to know my daughter at the beginning and ever since worked hard to get the best out of her
average rating is 5 out of 5
I simply love the way Silvia inspires young children to embrace the Spanish Language. Her great enthusiasm and patience motivate children to move forward in their language journey and make real progress.” And that’s what learning should be all about – ENCOURAGING and FUN!
average rating is 5 out of 5
My children (10 and 6 years old), have both been learning Spanish with Silvia since they were 3 years old.
Right from the start, Silvia's lessons were engaging and fun for them. She is attentive to their learning abilities, adapting teaching methods appropriate for the childrens' age.
We have found Silvia to be a kind, patient and enthusiastic teacher. Both my children are now at the stage of writing in Spanish in the classes and I can't wait for my third child to be able to start classes with her too.
average rating is 5 out of 5
Silvia is a very patient and dedicated teacher. Her lessons are interesting and organised. She always encourage children to listen, speak and write Spanish in her class. My daughter has been learning Spanish with her for over two and a half years from scratch and we are very happy with her progress.
average rating is 5 out of 5
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