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Language tuition is essential for those who are having difficulties with languages at school, where they are passive learners and they do not get to practise their speaking skills extensively.

La Jolie Ronde Methodology

La Jolie Ronde is an internationally-recognised and award-winning course especially for young learners from 3-11 years old.
The course is available in both French and Spanish.
 It provides fun learning for children, with a course comprising of lots of wonderful songs, games and role-plays.
Our tutors are imaginative and enthusiastic, bringing the language to life with flashcards, puppets, toys and stories
Tutors are fluent French or Spanish speakers with high linguistic and class management skills. Your child will learn with an authentic accent.
We run small groups. Each child has the opportunity to listen, to speak and to interact with the tutor and the other group members.
Each programme is supported by an  interactive activity pack with a full colour activity workbook and audio download for use at home.
Our courses are taught in hundreds of Primary Schools across the country, and locally. They fully complement the language work that is done in school.
As parents, you receive an overview of each term’s lessons so that you may easily see what your child is doing week by week and can help at home if you wish.
At the end of each term you’ll receive a review, detailing what your child has learned and what’s coming up the following term.  There will be an informative comment about the group by the tutor.  At the end of the school year, summer term, the tutor will provide you with a detailed, personalised update on your child’s participation, progress and achievements.
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