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¡Hola, Pedro y Carmen!

¡Hola, Pedro y Carmen!


Continue your language learning journey with the 3rd book in the La Jolie Ronde Structured Course Series. Fully revised in 2017.


**¡Hola, Pedro y Carmen!! is a starting point for 7/8-year olds**


A starting point for 7/8 year-olds, this programme introduces songs, flash-card games, short role plays, and reading, listening and writing activities which are suited to this age group.


This programme includes:


  • A pupil book
  • Audio tracks for children to listen to at home either on CD or by using the La Jolie Ronde online Media Player or App.
  • Audio material for teachers on either CDs, via the Media Player/App. or as digital download files.
  • A Teacher’s Guide with Photocopiable Masters
  • A set of 129 coloured flash cards
  • A Resources DVD offering further printable resources.
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