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Salut Céline et Antoine!

Salut Céline et Antoine!


Continue your language learning journey with the 3rd book in the La Jolie Ronde Structured Course Series. Fully revised in 2017.


** !Salut Céline et Antoine! is a starting point for 7/8-year olds**


A starting point for 7/8 year-olds, this programme introduces songs, flash-card games, short role plays, and reading, listening and writing activities which are suited to this age group. On completion of Salut, pupils progress to Bonjour la France.


This programme includes:

  • A pupil book
  • Audio tracks for children to listen to at home either on CD or by using the La Jolie Ronde online Media Player or App.
  • Audio material for teachers on either CDs, via the Media Player/App. or as digital download files.
  • A Teacher’s Guide with Photocopiable Masters
  • A set of 129 coloured flash cards
  • A Resources DVD offering further printable resources.
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