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Mon tour de France

Mon tour de France


Continue your language learning journey with the 5th book in the original La Jolie Ronde Structured Course series.


**Mon Tour de France is for 9 -11 year olds and an extension of Bonjour la France! and there is an assumption of knowledge of Bonjour la France! It can also be used as supplementary material for 12-13 year olds in Secondary School**


• More complex linguistic structures are introduced

• New vocabulary is met and topic areas extended

• There are extended role plays

• Increasing emphasis is put on the creative use of language. (New contexts are introduced and the pupils are encouraged to combine known elements to suit)

• Assessment sheets are available

• Record of Achievement sheets are available

• There is an extensive Teacher’s Guide

• There are two CDs and transcript

• Mon Tour de France has its own set of coloured flash cards



This programme includes: A pupil’s book, two CDs, a teacher’s guide and a set of coloured flash cards.

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