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Las aventuras de Mifú y Tina y los juguetes - Book 1

Las aventuras de Mifú y Tina y los juguetes - Book 1


Start your language learning journey with the 1st book in the La Jolie Ronde Structured Course Series

**This programme has been written for all those working with young beginners aged 4-7 years**

With Las aventuras de Mifú y Tina y los juguetes, oral and aural skills are given priority. Children chant, sing, play games and have great fun acting out the stories. The programme is carefully structured and enables children to use their knowledge of simple Spanish language creatively, confidently and with imagination.


Although the activities are aimed at average 4-7 year olds, the programme includes support for younger or less able children and extension work for older or more able children


This programme includes:

  • A pupil book
  • Teacher’s audio and Resource CDs offering further printable resources, listening activities, songs and instrumentals of the songs
  • A teacher’s guide with photocopiable masters
  • A set of 138 coloured flash cards
  • Programme medals
  • A guide for parents
  • NOTE: Part 2 "Las aventuras de Mifú y Tina y sus amigos" follows on from this book
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